The Public Works Trust Fund (PWTF) is a fund that was established in 1985

by the Federal Government to be distributed to Local Governments at the

Statewide level which provides extremely low-interest loans for

public-works projects and infrastructure needs.


Since 1985, $4.25 billion dollars has been allocated to Washington State

for this purpose.  However, the State has robbed more than

$1.625 billion (nearly 40%) from this fund for other purposes to make up

for shortfalls due to poor asset management in other State-run areas.


Every year there are more than 4,800 main breaks in the state of Washington

which account for more than 17 billion gallons of wasted water resources.


If the current trend of the State taking money from the PWTF continues,

the fund will cease to exist and the EWWD will be forced

to make some difficult economic decisions to generate revenue

that could potentially have a direct impact on all water customers.


The following link is an in-depth explanation, written by the

Executive Director of the Washington Association of Sewer & Water Districts,

of the consequences possible if the PWTF disappears.


Please take the time to read this article and absorb what it means

for all customers of public services.


Washington Association of Sewer & Water District
Public Works Trust Fund Article


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