The following forms may be downloaded from this site or
may be picked up in-person at the District Office.

You may email them back to us at
or fax them to us at 509-886-0550.

1.  Application for Service - (PDF) (MS Word)
2.  Automatic Payment Application - (PDF) (MS Word)
3.  Senior/Disabled Service Charge Adjustment - (PDF)
4.  Disaster Preparedness Handbook - (PDF)
5.  Application for Employment - (PDF)
6.  Request for Public Records - (PDF)

7.  2014 Comprehensive Water System Plan
A.  Chapters


Are you experiencing:

Dirty or discolored water?

Water that has a funny taste or odor?

Stains in your toilet bowl or bathtub?

If so, please follow this link to learn more about the causes and the corrective measures...


EWWD Construction Standards
(These are large files... Please allow 15-20 seconds for schematic to load)

Schematic - 1
Schematic - 2

Schematic - 3
Schematic - 4

Service Policies and Construction Standards

You can download the most recent version
of Acrobat Reader here...